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Solid Foundation for your Online Store

Scope of Services

The standard service package covers  the service expenses that usually arise. If this is not the case for your needs, you will receive an individual offer.

Project Duration

With the standard service package, implementation takes between 2 and 4 weeks depending on your store requirements.

Standard service package includes:

Shop with up to 5 pages

Main page + 4 sub-pages. Contact page and pages with legal text such as terms & conditions or data protection are not counted.

Up to 3 revisions

After the initial store design & development is completed, you can review the work and provide feedback and requests for changes. We will then make the requested changes and present the updated version of the store for your review again. This process can continue up to a maximum of three revisions, after which any additional changes may incur extra fees.

Up to 5 plug-ins / plug-in integrations

Plugins can extend the functionality of your store by adding new features and capabilities such as appointment booking, inventory management, Marketing and more.

3 products as samples

You can create an unlimited number of products in your store. The first 3 products are created for you as a sample so you can take them as a guide.

First level support by Shopify

Shopify offers first-level support including technical problems within your store.

Cost Structure

Cost Structure

Get an overview of the operating costs of your online store.

Shop Creation (€2.200 + VAT)

The design and creation of the store within the standard service package. If you have special requirements that are not covered by the standard package, you will receive and individual offer.

Shopify Subscription Fees (from €36/month)

You can find the detail for it here*

Secure Shop (€19.90/month)

This means that the creation of the legal texts and ensuring the legal conformity of your online shop is carried out by the partner law firm Recht 24/7. Learn more here*

Domain Costs (from $14/year)

The domain is the internet address of your online store. German domains (ending in .de) are available from Shopify from $14/year. Lern more here*

Transaction Costs for Online Payments (about 2-3% + 0.30-0.40€)

For credit cards, fees of around 2.1% + €0.30 per transaction can be expected with the Shopify basic plan. With PayPal checkout from 2.99% + €0.39 per transaction. Lern more here*

Possible Plug-ins Fees

If plug-ins are used in your online shop, the fees set by the plug-in provider apply

Go Hybrid, it's Simple!

Send Contact Request

Send a request with information about your shop and your need. If you don’t know what exactly do you need, we can discuss in a meeting to find out which solution might be suitable for you.

Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment

We can not only create you an online shop, but also help you with other challenges form different fields like shipping, logistics or compliance and legal requirements. Let us find out how we can best support you.

Receive Offer and Place Order

After clarifying your needs, you will receive an offer by email. If you have decided to implement it, you can simply accept the offer with a click and thus confirm the order.

Send Photos/Videos of the Store

Your online shop should be the extension of your shop in the digital world. Therefore, it should reflect the individual look and feel of your store and convey the themes that characterize your brand. You will receive a few questions which you will answer and send back along with a video/a few photos of your shop. The answers as well as the videos and photos only serve as a briefing and will not be published in your online shop.

Send Texts, Images, Products Information, etc...

Once the structure of your online shop is set, it needs to be filled with your individual content. Send the texts and images that should be included, as well as the products information for the items to be created.

Receive Shop Design and Report Back Change Requests

On this basis, a shop design will be created for you. You can understand this as a basic framework. You can click through the draft at your leisure and list the adjustments and changes you want.

Your Online Store is Complete!

Check it out one last time to make sure everything is ok. You will also receive a brief introduction to the areas of the shop that are relevant to your day-to-day business, so that you can get started quickly and smoothly.

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